How to get around in Helsinki?

As was mentioned in the previous post “Helsinki summer city”, Helsinki is indeed a very accessible city and taking a tram, bus, metro or a train is simple and effortless! The trains are an iconic part of the Helsinki street view and the orange metro runs underground from the East of Helsinki all the way to Matinkylä, Espoo. Sounds great, right? But what about tickets, timetables, and routes?

Helsingin Seudun Liikenne (HSL) is the transportation company, which operates in the Helsinki metropolitan area. During the previous years, HSL has made great leaps in the digitalisation of services, making it easier for both locals and tourists to buy tickets and to plan their routes.

In 2018, HSL introduced a digital ticket app “HSL”, which enables you to buy single tickets, day tickets as well as seasonal tickets. In addition, the app provides you with a route planner, traffic news, customer service, and more. Payments on the app are done by using a credit card.

Once you have a valid ticket, you don’t need to check in or out, just make sure you have it at hand during inspection. Ticket inspections in trams, metro’s, and trains are randomised - and if you will be caught travelling without a valid ticket, the fee is 80€. A single ticket is 2,20€, is valid for 80 minutes, and allows you to change from one transportation vehicle to another. So be sure to have a valid ticket, it’s worth it!

In case you rather experience Helsinki by bike, that is also made possible on behalf of HSL. Yellow Alepa city bikes are plenty, and a whole season of biking in Helsinki is only 30€. The bikes are regularly maintained, too, so you can expect to get your money’s worth of bike trips!