When a Finn is asked about how they start their day, the answer is most likely “coffee”. If you ask what a Finn has for lunch, the answer is “coffee”. What about in the evening? What does a Finn have after dinner? Coffee. Do you see the pattern?

91% of Finns drink coffee at least once a day. In a room of 10 people, that would mean 9 are coffee drinkers and one is a 1-year-old child and still on a milk-based diet. Basically, everyone drinks coffee, whether it is a light roasted, Mokkamaster brewed cup, Nespresso, or an artisan cappuccino with sweet Ethiopian beans.

In Helsinki you can drink your coffee in the form of “torikahvit”, meaning market coffee. Head to Kauppatori (Market Square) and find your 1€ cup. Enjoy from a paper cup and beware of seagulls! Alternatively, make your pick from the dozen hipster cafe’s, such as Kuuma, Kaffa, Good Life Coffee, Johan & Nyström, Pauligin kulma, Fratello, Green Hippo Cafe… just to name a few. But be ready to pay up to 5€ for a latte! But hey, it’s the good stuff, it’s black gold.

For Starbucks lovers, bad news. Helsinki center has only one Starbucks on Keskuskatu next to Stockmann department store (another way located at the Helsinki Vantaa airport), so don’t expect to bump into one on every street corner. However, Espresso House has a similar concept, and indeed, found on every street corner. Espresso House provides free wifi, Frapino coco choco’s (sounds exotic, but does it have coffee?), various snacks, and plenty of sitting space.

So when visiting Helsinki, be sure to get your daily dosage of coffee! If you wish to be a true Finn, treat yourself with some good old Finnish coffee called Paulig Juhla Mokka, and brew your own cup using a Mokkamaster.

Kuuma: Albertinkatu 6 & Kämp Galleria top floor

Kaffa: Pursimiehenkatu 29

Good Life Coffee: Kolmas Linja 17

Johan & Nyström: Kanavaranta 7

Pauligin kulma: Aleksanterinkatu 9

Fratello: Yliopistonkatu 6

Green Hippo Cafe: Punavuorenkatu 2

Helsinki Market Square

Extra nice: Cafe Regatta: Merikannontie 8