Helsinki summer city

Four seasons - you either hate them or love them. In Finland, the summer is nowhere near endless, but the long, sunny summer days are. May marks the beginning of the summer season, which ends beginning/mid September. The longest and brightest days of the year are experienced at the end of June around “juhannus” (midsummer), when in Helsinki the sun only sets for 5 hours. During the summer seasons the temperature is consistently over 10 degrees and heat waves of over plus 30 degrees are rare, but most days are still nice and warm (fingers crossed at least!)!

Helsinki is a great outdoor city during summer months, with plenty of great attractions and activities! Whether you are longing for a picnic, a dip in the ocean, some historic sightseeing, rooftop drinks, shopping, a quick grab, tanning on a beach - Helsinki has it all. What’s best, is the accessibility of the city center by foot, bike, tram, bus, metro, and train. Everything you need for a perfect summer day can be reached conveniently and fast.

When in Helsinki, don’t forget to visit nearby island and cities! Did you know that Helsinki archipelago consists of over 300 islands? Also, Porvoo and Hanko are beautiful summer cities and only an hour away from Helsinki.